class (147K)
Rique Uresti and his Summer Kickers
group (109K)
Some very special students and teachers. Aerobic champion from Australia, Marcus Irwin & from NYC, Mark Hendricks.
BobRamy (185K)
Bob and Ramy. Sweat and love!!
debbieamy (114K)
Todd's two favorite ladies, Debbie Hymowitz and Amy Chanos.
MarleneBia (146K)
Marlene Kawalick & Bia George
kids (145K)
Marlene & Bia's kids, Brian & Molly after a great class!!
guys (171K)
Boys hanging out after a hard day teaching at Summer Kicks. From left to right: Mark Hendricks, Marcus Irwin, Jeff Martin, and Stacey Lei's Cowboy.
Dearin and the Girls
Dearin and the Girls
Working out
Working out
Patricia Moreno
Patricia Moreno
beach (156K)
Beautiful East Hampton
thefamily_1 (84K)
The Family